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Becka Mack

steam, swoon, and happily ever afters
  • Becka Mack


What happens when you take a couple of horny, single hotties, and force them to live in the same apartment building?

And what if her older brother is not only your best friend but also...the captain of your hockey team?

Play With Me is book #2 in the Playing For Keeps series, a series of interconnected hockey romance standalones with loads of laughter, heat, swoon, and a healthy dose of angst. While it can be read on its own, for a richer reading experience, reading in order is recommended.


What is he doing? Why is he looking at me like that? Is he walking this way? He’s walking this way.

Get back, demon boy.

But also, come a bit closer.

No, stop right there.

Fuckballs. I can’t make up my mind.

I drag my clammy palms down my thighs, glancing away. He’s probably not coming this way.

He’s definitely coming this way.

My jaw drops, he grins, and I do what I do best.

I run.

“I’m gonna make a mistake,” I mutter, slipping through the crowd. I climb the stairs two at a time and beeline down the hall. “If he talks to me, I’m gonna make a mistake. A huge mistake. I won’t be able to stop myself. I will not be able to stop myself. Huge mistake, Jennie. Huge. No. Nope.”

I heave open the linen closet and throw myself through it.


The door swings open a moment later, and the moonlight filtering through the window in the hallway illuminates a pair of piercing eyes as the intruder sweeps into the tiny space and shuts us in.

“Great thinking on the closet, Jennie.” Garrett’s gravelly voice sends a shiver down my spine. He smacks the wall, lighting the space with a warm glow via the tiny chandelier hanging above us, and the man has never looked so sinister. “Think we lost them.”

My heart leaps to my throat as he steps into me, towering. This man right here is all devil as he slowly crowds me, gaze locked on mine as he pins my hips to the wall.

“Now tell me about that huge mistake you wanna make.”


“Lemme guess…” Jennie’s hands sweep up my biceps, roaming over my shoulders. She tangles her fingers in my hair, twining it slowly. The way she turns her confidence on and all the way up to ten without batting an eye cranks my gears in a way I can’t explain. “You heard the word huge and figured I must’ve been talking about you.”

“Hey, if the shoe fits.”

“Ego,” she whispers, dragging my neck down until my lips hover over hers. “The word you’re looking for is ego.” Her mouth bypasses mine, lips skimming my jaw, and my cock starts gearing up for a quick fuck in the closet.

Except I don’t want there to be anything quick about the way I fuck Jennie.

“Remarkable how well your ankle healed over the past week,” I murmur as she leans back. “Couldn’t even tell you sprained it tripping over your bag, hurting it during practice, and tripping over your dance partner, by the way you sprinted up those stairs.”

Jennie checks her nails. “Yes, well, they had me stay home and rest it for the week so I didn’t aggravate it. It feels fine now.” Her gaze flips to mine. “I’m sorry your head isn’t any better.”

“I scored a goal and got an assist today.”

“Oh, I’m not basing it on your ability to play hockey. Simply on the way you seem to keep making…” Her tongue pokes the corner of her mouth. “Ill-advised decisions.”

I drop my gaze, watching my finger trace the waist of her jeans, the way her exposed skin jumps at my touch. “I don’t recall making any ill-advised decisions. In fact, I’ve been told the dessert was…” Dipping my fingers below the waist of her jeans, I tug her forward. She catches herself on my chest with a strangled gasp. “Orgasmic.”

A tiny vibration, right there in her throat, as she tries to hide her snicker. “The popcorn was delicious.” Her fingers brush my collarbone as she fixes the button on my shirt. “Are you having fun playing this little game of yours?”

“Funny you should ask. That’s exactly what I wanna do.” I capture her hands in mine, pinning them on either side of her head. “I want to play.”

A beat of silence echoes between us as the words settle. Jennie laughs lowly.

“You think I’m gonna let you into my Disneyland just for fun? Oh, Garrett, you’re adorable. What makes you think I’d agree to something like that?”

I press my lips to the thundering pulse point on her neck. “Besides the fact that your body’s giving away how much the idea intrigues you? Our chemistry is off the charts, don’t you think? I go all tongue-tied, you scream at me ’til you’re hot and bothered, and all the while I’m thinking about throwing your legs over my shoulders and gorging on my favorite dessert.” I kiss the hollow spot below her ear, reveling in her shiver. “That’s you, sunshine. You’re my favorite dessert.”

With my hand on her throat, I haul her into me until her lips wait just below mine, fingernails biting into my shoulders. Breathless, she clings to me as I whisper my next words.

“C’mon, Jennie. Play with me.”


Garrett & Jennie are coming to Kindle unlimited on October 4th!

don't have a KU subscription? Preorder the Kindle version now, or get your paperback on release day!

Spicy & discreet paperbacks available.

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